ESL way to be more charming.

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Being English as my second language, I’m constantly striving to improve my English skills. I believe, a true measure of your command of a language is how well you can understand humor and joke in that language utilizing what you already know. It’s not how much you know the grammar and words of that language, but it’s how much you can communicate in a limited foreign language to influence people. That’s why I met white guys who know only limited words in Asian language make Asian girls laugh hysterically; on the other side, I seldom met Asian guys could do the same to girls in any other races. I think that this comes down to the wit of the speaker and his ability to think on the spot. Overall, it’s communication skills that counts!

For those like me who are not naturally street smart and an ESL speaker in this white male dominated society, we can start work on being a good story teller, being funny and witty is a great way to build rapport with people. In my experience, the most practical way to learn to tell a joke is by modeling those who can do it well.

A few points to share from my experience:
– Keep the dialog down using short stories in sentences with a punch line. (prep-written conversational homework)
– Strive to speak with a clear and command language. The more concise, the more powerful. (Accent reduction. Learn to use power phrases. Preparation counts!)
– Non-verbal communication is critical, so be expressive like Bruce Lee (Youtube is your great resource. Take notes!)
– Appearance isn’t everything, but it’s hell important in communicating one’s self-image! Dress to impress accordingly to the situation. (Study fashion magazines or consult people in fashion)

I’m sure that there are more to this. I’d love to hear from every one to share their ESL experience.


Hot Asian girls! Don’t be shy!

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Just thought to sexy up my blog a bit with a hot Asian girl vibe and came across sexy Kim Ok Bin rocking to Rihanna’s ‘Let Me’. A close-up would be nicer so that we could admire her dance better 🙂

For some laughters!!!!

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I think this is pretty stupid but funny! Everybody likes to laugh!!!

Looking to make your personality more attractive?

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I recently came across this amazing article that covers the topic beautifully. It helps me understand my surrounding and people better. Thought to share with everybody in the same pursuit as mine!!!

Click Here for the Article

Asian Redemption

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This is a scene from the movie Gran Torino. I think it needs to be shared. An Asian kid grew up without a masculine figure learned to man up from his old white man neighbor! Clint Eastwood is awesome as usual!

Men’s Talk:

Getting Life in Shape with Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee is my idol all my life. There aren’t  still many Asian men nowadays in America who can exude the level of masculinity like he was.  I found myself often looking back to him for inspiration when I felt down or stressed-out.  Recently, I turned to him again for some guidance on how to lead a better life.  I came across this article by Henrik Edberg who had some good insights on the application of Bruce’s philosophy. I think it’s a good idea to share with every one.  For the complete article, click here.

The author points out Bruce’s 7 fundamental concepts that resonate very much with me. In response, I tried to sort out my thoughts by following the author’s approach.

1. “As you think, so shall you become.” – What are you really thinking about today?

This concept brings out a very conscious reminder to me that what I want to become for getting into the game in the first place. The man that I’ve always wanted to become. Am I living congruency to my thought? Is it in line with my reality? How am I getting back on track to work on myself?

2. “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Simplify.

This is like another punch to me. Everything that the author said about this concept hit on my spine. He tells me to focus. Gotta get yourself out there. Just do it.

3. “To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.”- Learn about yourself in interactions.

I was like…omg…this is exactly what I’m trying to do in order to improve my game with women. It’s hard sometime to notice yourself consciously during the interaction. Oftertime, my mind just can’t rev up fast enough to tune in to others. I often try to play back in my mind to study what I could adjust better next time.

4. “Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against.” – Do not divide.

Actually I find this one pretty hard to apply in life, where you have to fight your ego logically because the ego likes to divide from others. I’ve improved over the years to manage to put my ego aside to certain extent. It’s the only way to learn from others through conscious observing.

5. “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” – Avoid a dependency on validation from others.

Wow, this is so true. We learn that women respond to such kind of men. The guys who’re naturally good with women don’t have this problem. I wonder if that’s because they have plenty experience so that they don’t need it anymore. I also wonder that how a guy who never had validations from women can become self-validated. I think ‘experience’ is the dirty secret of the naturals.

6. “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” – Be proactive.

Bruce and Henrik are both absolutely right on the point. The only way to succeed is to look for it.

7. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Be you.

I don’t know how much this concept affects me. Everything I do is toward this goal, but it’s just so hard to do without conscious effort and proactive self-guidance. This whole game thing is designed to simulate the naturals. Hopefully, we’ll be one of them later. Like others questioned Bruce before, how can I find my own way without a way? How can I get there? I guess everything gotta start somewhere.

Let me know what’s your take. Feedback are always welcomed.

The white girl finally gets her man TOO!

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From the scene of the movie ''The Warrior's Way."

Finally someone has done something right. Kate Bosworth got to kiss Jang Dong-gun in the upcoming movie ‘The Warrior’s Way.’  The Jang Dong-gun, an Asian Alpha Man, deserves it. Although the movie genre is similar to ‘Ninja Assassin,’  it seems to involve and develop a romantic scene between the interracial couple, marking another major step for Asian male actors in American mainstream media. Unlike Rain in ‘Ninja Assassin’  is portrayed as another purely asexual and kick-ass assassin, the time our ‘Asian assassin’ not only can crash the enemies but also the heart of western beauties. I wish Jang Dong-gun would do a french-kiss. Maybe on next sequel.